Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Style Points: Mature Hairstyles

Recently I received this comment:
I am proud of you Kendra and others who have taken Natural hair care to another level. However the styles I notice are for the young and young at heart. How about those for the more mature? Any ideas?
So to answer your question, I have included my top 10 mature hairstyles! Each style is linked to the original post so that you can see how I achieved the style. I hope this is helpful!

1. Sleek Bun

This is one of my go to styles. Especially when I am going for a professional look whether it be an interview, a meeting, or just going to work.
A sleek bun is one of my favorite mature looks

You can prep it overnight by slicking your hair back, and tying it up. Believe it or not, I don't even use gel to achieve this style. Just leave in conditoner, and oil and/or raw shea butter. 

Be sure not to pull to tight on those edges!

2. Ringlet Curls
You can never go wrong with a flawless curl set. My mom is in her ealy 50's and this has been a classic style for her. I achieved these heatless curls using curlformers.
Curlformers give you a perfect ringlet!

3. Classy Full, Low Bun
This is a timeless style. All you need is hair has that been stretched! Pull back into a bun, and pull it apart for volume. Bobby pin loose pieces until you have a full, low bun.
A chopstick through the middle of a low bun is
a simple and cute accessory 

This is a simple style that can be achieved by setting your hair overnight with skinny flexi rods. Pull  your hair into a ponytail and set the hair in the ponytail in flexi rods. You can also pull out a section in the front and set that as well for volume on the top.
Small flexi rods give you a tighter more defined curl

You can pin your hair up as high as you desire. The more you separate the curls, the more volume you will have with this style. The beauty of it is that curls always look classy.
Curls give you leeway when styling, Your style doesn't have to be
perfect to still look nice and put together. 

This is a simple and quick style. Pull your hair into a low bun in the back. Then simply curl two small pieces of hair on the side. I used a flat iron to create quick curls. You can also use a curling iron.

Be sure to use a heat protectant whenever you use
heat on your hair!

You can choose to add a headband or just leave it as it. Its a classy style that will amp up your  style from a basic low bun to something a little more dressy. 

Flowers and rosettes are great for this style

This style gives you curls, and volume! Plus it only takes 5 minutes to do. I achieved the texture by setting my hair overnight with flat twists and flexi-rods. In the morning I just used bobby pins and a pony tail holder to create this look. 

For lots of volume, pull your hair into the side pony first,
and then pull on the middle of your hair to create the poof!

As you see, I love volume and curls :) This style was achieved by rolling a mini twist out. In the morning I ended up with fluffy curls with a loose curl. 
Mature styles don't have to be buns and
updos. You can still wear your hair out and look great!

This puts a twist on the ordinary french roll. I think it still looks classy for a mature adult. This is great for any everyday style or a style for a dressy occasion. 

A swoop adds a feminine look to the front of
a style. It looks much softer on the face than
a slick back style!

This style was created on a flat twist out that was pin curled overnight. In the morning, after my hair set,  I was able to pin it up in five minutes! 

Make sure your bobby pins are well hidden

This is a simple style created with a flat twist out that was set with flexi rods on the ends. This is a perfect church style. Of course it would look great for any special occasion really :)

Flat twists give definition and reduce frizz for me!

This wonderful, classy, and amazing bun was created using large bantu knots! Separate the curls for volume, pull your hair into a ponytail and pin, pin, pin! You can add a swoop to the front if you so choose. I love swoops. 

The smaller the bantu knot, the tighter the curl.
The larger the bantu knot, the looser.

What kind of styles do you consider to be "mature" styles? Would you wear any of these?


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