Thursday, January 10, 2013

Style Points: Large Flat Twist

I saw a girl wearing a style at a music conference a while back that I thought I wanted to modify and try. It was a large flat twist going down the back of her head into a sweeping side bun. Her hair was really thick so twist was large and had tons of volume. I recreated this style in 10 minutes this morning!

I moisturized my hair last night with water, Giovanni direct leave in and raw shea better. All I did this morning was spritz with water, and flat twist! I left out a small section of the hair on the top. That hair was twisted into 3 medium sized twists over night. 

I took the twists out in the morning, separated and fluffed them. Then I just tucked and pinned them into a pompadour type of style in the front for some pazazz! 

I am LOVING this style today! 

This is not the exact style I copied but VERY similar

Is this a style that you would try? How could you modify it even further to make it into a different style? 


  1. I would be interested in trying that, I just don't know if I would do the poof in the front. I'm used to having a more elevated "poof" near the crown of my head. You've been singing the praises of raw shea butter. I've used shea butter products, but I'll have to get my hands on raw shea butter. Did you buy online or go to Whole Foods (or similar)?

    More Modern Modesty

    1. I buy it from my local beauty supply. Generally I whip oils into it. I add oils to make it a creamier mixture that is easier to apply.

  2. I Love this look! I would probably draw it over to a side bun and do some of those 'Famous' Penecostal barrel rolls on the left over hair. But your take on the this style is Oh So Fabulous, Too!

    AKA Tolonda

    1. Yes barrel rolls would dress it! That would be a cute style for church :)

  3. ♥♥♥this.

    I randomly did something similar but not nearly as cool as this a few months back. Just one big flat twist down. lol.

    When I used to blow dry my hair more frequently, I would do a loose, large french braid from the side top of my head down (diagonally). and a section I would poof in the front or do a pin curl. My hair was extra poofy cuz of the blow drying so it looked really full and neat. Then with the ponytail, I would do big twists and roll em' like barrel curls. it was a fun style that lots of people would comment on.

    1. Thanks! The large french braid sounds really cute! Especially with the blow dried hair.. I will have to try that!!

  4. Wow!! Kendra your hair looks just beautiful!! Wonderful job!!!

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  5. Love it! Love it! Love it! It's sophisticated,classy with a touch of playfulness.I will definitely be trying this with a side swoop and/or perhaps the barrel curls some of the Hanna & MrsTMac mentioned. Lookin good girl! :-)

    1. A side swoop would be nice too! Good idea! Thanks :)

  6. Beautiful....simply beautiful!!

    Will have to try this style!


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