Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flexi-Rod Styles with a Short How To

Hello there ladies!! I want to show you a few styles I have worn with my flexi rods. I am LOVING my curls! I could say that over and over again. What a great way to style your hair!! Its a base and the style possibilities are endless. Woo!

Low Bun with Curls .

I pulled my hair into a low side bun and left out some hair on the top...

I then loosely pinned up the curls all over with bobby pins 
I also pinned the curls in the bun with bobby pins

I let the curls in the front hang :)

High Curly Pony.
(recycled curls because I was too tired
after church Wed nite to re-roll my hair)

I pulled hair up into a high pony tail with a hair tie
I separated more off the curls to make a fuller pony tail
Yay I made this hair accessory from some fabric, tulle and buttons!

Here is the other side!
I left some curls down in the front again

I am SO tired in these pics!!! LOL

Jen had asked a question as to HOW I keep the flexi rods in my head. So I just recorded a 15 second video showing her how I do it. Now I used a very small piece of hair because my curls are separated and I didn't want to mess up the front of my hair! lol. BUT the curls I have in my hair in the vid are from my hair being in medium-large twists and then flexi rodded. So they look more spiral like then the pics I posted in the last post. SO here is the vid!!

If you have anymore questions, please ask!!


<3 Celebrating awesome curls with my new flexi-rod friends


  1. I have been thinking about buying some flexi rods for a while. I have a friend who uses them to keep her curls, and they always come out nice! Thanks for this! Love your blog!

  2. Yes they work SO well! I am so well pleased with how they work! Thank you for the compliment! Let me know how they work for you when you try them!


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